• Desert Mountain Area
  • Main Center
  • Cruise Ship River
  • Level 11 Access
  • Over the Kawaii Bridge

When first starting the game, I felt very excited at the idea of decorating everything Sanrio with all my favorite characters. I hadn't realized I would get my wish to correlate my sanrio obsession through another medium: the virtual world.   With this theme park fantasy land, I am anticipating on reaching the advanced levels to obtain the decorations that I would need to accomplish blueprinting the land. I have taken a screenshot of the whole map in 5 sections as shown on the right side.

If you hadn't already planned out your Sanrio land, then below are just simple ideas to start out with: (from random neighbors)

I am thinking Alice in Wonderland theme here with this type of bush in a set patterns

Stock up on your Holiday snowy paths & wooden fence before the year ends

Simply using different colors

Ordinary but effective look

More ideas as center pieces or side pieces:

Happy Blueprinting, everyone!



Junolyn (talk) 18:21, December 17, 2012 (UTC)