First Register as a Member

From Project Central:

Registered users who have been with Wikia for at least 4 days and made at least 10 edits also have access to the following tools: no longer have to go through a captcha when inserting an external link into a page, blanking a page or creating a new account. edit semi-protected pages. upload multiple files at once.

To be classified as registered: See & edit New HKW Members Edit Page 10x and wait 4 days after joining this Wiki. **Your first edit will add this Wiki to your Profile page.

- Wiki Pages that can be edited for registered Members are as follows: Build Menu's Character Profiles (except for HK, My Melody, Keroppi, & LTS), Goals, Login Bonus Days, and Business Profiles. Anything else needs to go through an Admin. A list of Admins will be posted once we have more than 2 people.